Why you need to be using video as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

There is no doubt about it, if you are a business owner and you are using social media to promote your business then you absolutely need to be producing video content - don’t be an ostridge. You need to start now if you haven't already.

There are many statistics being touted around but it has become widely accepted that video content will soon account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic

Many people shy away from video because they think it's too expensive or it might take too long to produce but that's only partially correct.  in reality, you can get started recording good quality videos to put online for around £150, if not less. And whilst it might take time to get set up, record and edit a single video, recording multiple videos in one session makes the best use of time and the ROI (return on investment) can be outstanding.

There are a number of reasons why every business owner needs to be making videos to promote their business and here are just a couple:

  1. Platforms want to deliver what people want - and people want video. As a result most of the social media channels these days are giving greater priority to video than plain old text or photographs and that isn't because they are necessarily trying to influence the market it's because they know people prefer video.

  2. Another important Factor to consider for social media algorithms is the amount of time somebody spends on your post / video. If people want video, then give them video. If someone is sat watching a video for 60 seconds, for example, then the algorithm will think that they find your content interesting. If, however, they immediately click away from something you wrote, maybe because they didn’t immediately connect with it, then there is a greater likelihood that the algorithm will calculate your post as ’uninteresting’ and so won't give such a weight to it.  At which point the ranking of your post will be lower and so fewer people will see it.

If you want to engage more with your social media followers you simply must start creating video content. The statistics don't lie. You get more engagement, more shares and more likes with video then you do with regular text.

If the social media algorithms are favouring video over text then that tells you you should be doing exactly the same.

Matt PereiraComment